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Pottasium Channel Structure

The precise physiological mechanisms responsible for hair loss have eluded scientists for years. This explains why, in spite of an extremely large patient population, very few solutions currently exist.

Over the last decades various theories and hypotheses have emerged about the molecular mechanisms behind hair loss. Although our understanding is still limited, the major causes of hair loss can be distilled down to:

  • a) genetic predisposition,
  • b) the hormonal effect of an androgen (e.g. DHT; dihydrotestosterone),
  • c) reduction of blood circulation around the hair follicle,
  • d) de-activation of hair matrix cells.

Oxford Biolabs recognized this important unmet clinical need and, based on years of prior research, devised an elegant solution: The stimulation of potassium ion channels within hair follicles*.

Potassium ion channels have been implicated in a vast array of diseases ranging from Hepatitis C to Diabetes. These small pore-forming protein structures control the transport of potassium ions across the hair follicle’s cell membrane and are essential for retaining the follicle’s full biological activity and function.

The recent discovery that potassium ion channels exist within the dermal papilla cells of human hair follicles provided a novel therapeutic target for researchers.

Scientists have demonstrated that as people experience hair loss the function of potassium channels within hair follicles diminishes. The effect is impaired membrane potential and interrupted ion transportation across the hair follicles cellular membranes – resulting in shrinking follicles and thinning hair.

Our research into potassium ion channels will spawn an entire portfolio of innovative products that are safer and more effective than existing alternatives. By restoring the functionality of potassium ion channels that have broken down over time, our proprietary TRX2® helps to maintain normal healthy hair on a molecular level*. It truly is the first product of its kind.

Other products (currently being developed) will expand upon our rigorous scientific approach and continue to provide even more dramatic results. At TRX2 we are currently conducting a number of scientific studies, each focused towards the ultimate goal of developing a cure against pattern hair loss.

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* These statements have not been evaluated by any medical regulatory agencies. These products are not drugs or medicine, and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The TRX2® products are patent-pending food supplements and patent-pending cosmetic products that help users to maintain normal, healthy hair. Zinc, selenium and biotin contribute to the maintenance of normal hair. Normal hair is also characterised by healthy hair growth and non-excessive hair loss. Results may vary and are subject to your individual metabolism. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product. For risks and side-effects, please see the product package insert or info leaflet and consult your physician or healthcare specialist. Read full disclaimer. Read Legal Notices.

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