The Basics

We are aware of “snake oils” or low quality products being sold by some companies trying to sell cheap vitamins, produced in countries with lower standards of quality, as a cure against hair loss rather than a scientifically tested and formulated product. Based on our studies so far, the response to TRX2 supplementation varies among patients – in some cases first results kick in only after 5 months or more, and in other cases as early as 2-3 months.
We have conducted customer survey recently. It provided us with the objective feedback and the information for those interested in TRX2®. This questionnaire confirmed our earlier study and showed that the majority of customers start to observe the significant shift in the effect after 6 months of taking TRX2 capsules. Some people see positive benefits starting at three months: most of them have reported shinier and stronger looking hair, improvement in overall appearance. At the same time there are people for whom it may take longer to benefit from the product. Scientists explained that by the peculiarity of the field – immediate effect is rarely seen here due to the hair follicles lifecycle.You can read our customers feedback following the link

We recommend taking TRX2® Molecular Hair Growth Supplement with food as occasionally customers have reported an upset stomach when ingesting the supplement without food. TRX2® Molecular Hair Growth Supplement is absorbed more efficiently into the bloodstream when taken together with food.

TRX2® Molecular Hair Growth Supplement is a non-prescription food supplement product. It is therefore sold in accordance with major international food directives, such as the EC (European Community) Food Supplements Directive 2002/46/EC and the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act, passed by the United States Congress in 1994. This Act, for instance, allows marketing of dietary supplements without prior approval by the U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). However, the FDA still exerts general oversight over product safety and supervises the marketing claims made for dietary supplements.

TRX2 researchers, along with several other members of the scientific community, have demonstrated that as people experience hair loss the function of potassium channels within hair follicles diminishes. The effect is impaired membrane potential and interrupted ion transportation across the hair follicle’s cellular membranes – resulting in shrinking follicles and thinning hair.

TRX2® Molecular Hair Growth Supplement addresses this phenomenon, but yet may be unable to restore thick, terminal hair growth to customers with severe hair loss (Norwood 5-7). Therefore, although the launch of our first products utilizing our proprietary technology is extremely exciting for us, we’re not done yet. TRX2 has an ongoing program of pre-clinical and clinical research focused towards refining our understanding of the molecular mechanisms behind hair loss and, ultimately, developing a cure (not a treatment).

Please refer to our TRX2 Research page for details on past and ongoing studies.

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) offers “Tips for Dietary Supplement Users” at

The United Kingdom Food Standards Agency provides free consumer information at

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General Questions

We have released the research study that documents the progress of our active participants and it is now posted on our website

To get a list of physical locations that sell TRX2, please email us at [email protected] and provide us with your city, province and country.

It doesn’t really make a difference at which time of the day you take TRX2. However, it is important to take it together with food in order to increase the body’s resorption of the ingredients contained in TRX2. Most customers choose to take TRX2 during breakfast. Others prefer to split up the 3 capsules across the day (e.g. 2 in the morning and 1 in the evening).

The best time for taking TRX2 is totally up to you and best results, depending on your metabolism, may be different from customer to customer. We usually recommend taking the capsules together with some food because of the body’s peak resorption (i.e. the capsules are delivered via the bloodstream most efficiently). Based on our data so far, most customers choose to take the capsules all at once in the morning together with their breakfast.

“Chronic medication” refers to any prescription drugs a customer may use. However, from our side we are legally bound to advise our customers to always disclose any dietary changes to your doctor or healthcare professional when on chronic medication. This is good practice as well as in your own interest (for example if your chronic condition is connected to any dietary issues).

For further information feel free to browse through our FAQ sections, particularly

TRX2 is researching a completely novel technology that will be used as a treatment for Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA) and other hair growth disorders. We have filed and/or secured intellectual property in several dissipative areas.

We are currently conducting studies in the following independent research paths:

1) Hair restoration and re-growth,

2) The prevention of hair loss,

3) A cure against male and female pattern hair loss.

Patent applications are generally published 18 months after the earliest priority date of the application. However, because we are still in the process of securing our IP, we are not able to disclose any details that concern our research or our strategy for IP protection. This is a non-negotiable legal matter.

TRX2 is beneficial for all age groups. We tested our supplement in a variety of patient groups, but found it was most effective for those patients with Norwood Hair Loss Patterns 1-4 (shown here:

Young men who are just beginning to lose their hair will see minimal regrowth (because only a minimal amount of hair has been lost); however, they can expect their hair shedding to decrease and their hair volume to increase. Middle-aged men will see similar benefits, although those with very extensive hair loss (Norwood Patterns 5-7) will not be able to regrow all of their hair. Having said that, our product has been administered to older males with noticeable hair loss and the results so far have been quite good.

Our company’s internal studies are set to be long-term and only will be published once fully gathered. However, TRX2 will soon start compiling the experiences of customers using our products. Customers will be asked to take pictures of their progress and document a variety of different parameters. More information please refer to

Photos and articles about our clinical trials will be posted as soon as possible. We hope you understand that we need to gather and finalize everything before we can publish it to the public. Rest assured that we will keep everyone posted on this.

One bottle which contains 90 pills will last 30 days (taking three pills a day is the recommended dose). It takes most patients about 5 months (5 bottles) to see results, but some patients report results in as little as three months (for others it takes longer). This discrepancy is largely dependent on a person’s metabolism and genetic predisposition.

Some customers increase the dose to 4 capsules per day and report an improved efficacy compared to the recommended dose. However, all our data is based on the dose of 3 capsules per day – there should be no need to increase the dose (unless you are overweight or have a large body weight).

Some customers, especially those with a light body weight or those sensitive to one of TRX2’s ingredients (e.g. Niacin), decrease the dose to 2 capsules per day without compromising on efficacy. Again, the recommended dose is 3 capsules per day.

Hair dyes, especially permanent ones, have a side effect of hair loss due to the abrasive and damaging chemical ingredients they contain, e.g. ammonia and peroxide. One of the factors is also misuse or overuse of hair dye treatments, e.g. leaving dye on too long or mixing the formula incorrectly, so following directions is important.

Semi-permanent hair dye has fewer chemicals and has no ammonia. Henna hair dye is highly recommended as a good alternative since it contains all natural ingredients.

As long as the hair follicles haven’t been damaged underneath the scalp, new healthy hair should return on its own in several months. If the follicles have been severely damaged for some reason, hair regrowth may not be possible.


If you need to change your shipping address, you can log in online through your profile and do so, but we ask that you please also email us at [email protected] with your new shipping address so that we can confirm it has been updated in our system.

Once we receive and process your order, it is then sent to our shipping department. Once they receive the order, it is shipped within 24-48 hours. The destination country will determine how long it will take for you, the customer, to receive the order.

“Complete” status means that we have already received your order.
You will receive an e-mail notification once your product is already being shipped.

The reason why we ship every 80 days (instead of every 90 days) is to compensate shipping delays. We are shipping from a centralized warehouse to all European Union countries and we have experienced that sometimes postal companies do take up to 2 weeks for delivery (even shipping to the UK sometimes takes longer than it should due to ineffective loops in the postal systems). Also we believe it does make sense to accrue some backup capsules/supplies over time in order to compensate for such shipping delays when they happen or to compensate for other losses.

We can’t really change the billing/shipping cycle to 90 days due to technical reasons. However, we can skip a quarterly shipping/billing cycle at any stage if wished, i.e. once you have accrued enough backup supplies (to feel comfortable with skipping a whole quarterly billing/shipping cycle) just let us know.

International orders are shipped no later than 1 business day after receipt and credit authorization. Delivery is via Deutsche Post DHL, the world’s leading mail and logistics group. Average delivery time is 1 to 2 days (Germany), 3 to 5 days (UK), 5 to 7 days (European Union excluding Germany and UK), 7 to 10 days (United States, Japan, International – all others).TRX2 issues shipping confirmation emails with DHL tracking numbers to customers who provide an email address. To read the full version of our delivery policy click here.

At TRX2 we deliver your supplies anytime, anywhere. We ship our products worldwide, but here is a list of countries we regularly ship to.

Countries we regularly ship to:

  • Argentina
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When you place an order for TRX2, you will receive an email once your order ships with a tracking link so that you can follow your package right to your doorstep. If for some reason your tracking link doesn’t work, please contact us at [email protected] and we will get you an updated tracking link right away.


TRX2 offers a 60-day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the product or if it is causing you any discomfort

or other side effects. Just contact us and return your unused bottle/s and we will refund the purchased price.

Programs (Hair Growth Club, Convenience Program, etc.)

We have now set up a beta version of our affiliate system. Please sign up on

Once signed up, your account will get approved within 24 hours – you will then be able to download banners, etc., and link it to your websites. Our technical coordinator will also be available for support. All commissions will be paid to you directly via PayPal at the end of the month.

You may do so by contacting us at: contact(at)trx2(dot)com. Due to the number of customer messages that we receive, please give us some time to reply. Rest assured that every message will be attended to.

As a Hair Growth Club member, automated shipping/billing has been setup. Furthermore, you can log-in to your account on TRX2 (or open one in case you haven’t done it so far) to track your order status and all sorts of other info. We plan to add lots of features (accessible only to Hair Growth Club members), all of which will be accessible via your account.

We automatically bill every Hair Club member 10 days before your previous supply expires.

Cancellation of your Hair Growth Club subscription (i.e. automated shipping/billing every 80 days) is no hassle and can be done at any point, BUT once done we will not be able to reverse it and any accrued membership benefits will be lost. The membership program is designed for your comfort so that you don’t have to worry about re-ordering and to have access to a constant supply of TRX2 supplementation.

Ordering TRX2 in bulk ( or subscribing to our quarterly Hair Growth Club ( can bring down the costs/month considerably.

To get discounts, we advise you to sign up to the club to save on monthly shipping expenses. We are looking into having discounts in the future.

TRX2 and other treatments/supplements

Generally TRX2 is designed to be effective on its own. Hence no need to complement it with minoxidil. In fact all our study results are based on patients who have been only on TRX2 and no other treatment – check out

However, customers who have been using minoxidil for years and have experienced a decrease of efficacy over time have experienced enhanced efficacy once they started using TRX2 in combination with another treatment. Hence, there is no reason why a customer cannot use both treatments if he or she wishes to do so. If later on a decision is made to stop taking minoxidil but to continue taking just TRX2, it is unlikely that there would be negative results. (However, again we have not conducted studies on this – TRX2 is designed to be effective on its own.)

Continuous intake of TRX2 is important as this treatment works together with your metabolism. It is a treatment not a cure. Unfortunately, there isn’t a cure yet for androgenetic alopecia (however, we are working hard on this and the majority of our research is focused on this).

Actually we can only advise you to talk to your doctor or healthcare specialist when combining any new treatment with antidepressants. Legally we are not able to give any advice on that and anyway it is a good idea to assess your individual situation more thoroughly before giving any advice.

We do not promote the use of finasteride (or dutasteride) simply because of the unknown side effects connected with the long-term use of such drugs (see our article However, there are a number of customers who take TRX2 supplementation in combination with other treatments (such as finasteride or minoxidil) and do report satisfying results.

Unlike 5-alpha reductase inhibitors such as finasteride or dutasteride, which target the reduction of DHT on a hormonal level, TRX2 targets the reduction of DHT on a molecular level. The idea is to repair broken molecular mechanisms (i.e. potassium channel synthesis and activity) at first and therefore deduce/eliminate the damage DHT can do to the hair follicle at second. Rather than treating hair loss symptomatically (i.e. treating hair loss once hormones are doing damage) TRX2 aims to address the more underlying, broken molecular strings, which have allowed DHT to damage the hair follicle at the first place. Please have a look at our “How it works” video on

Please note that TRX2 isn’t quite comparable to Finasteride (e.g. Propecia). Finasteride is a drug, interferes with the hormonal balance of your body and has well documented side effects (for further details please check out Finasteride targets a hormone called DHT. Contrary to Finasteride, TRX2 is not a drug but rather classified as a food supplement. TRX2 targets tiny protein structures called potassium ion channels and has no side effects.

Based on our studies and customer feedback, TRX2 gives impressive results and significantly improves the outcome for the majority of customers. We do believe our product provides extraordinary value and therefore is adequately priced.

TRX2 Molecular Hair Growth Supplement contains only natural ingredients and therefore side effects and cross-interactions (e.g. with medications) are minimal. However, we can’t advise you in medical terms. We advise elderly consumers to consult a doctor or healthcare professional before changing their diet (which would result from TRX2 supplementation), especially if they are on a special diet and/or take other medications (e.g. against hypertension, diabetes, etc.).

We can’t give you advice on when to start with TRX2 supplementation again.

Please consult your doctor on this as it is important that treatment and hair transplant do not interfere with each other.

Yes. In fact, TRX2′s Scientific Advisory Board recommends that healthy adults take a multivitamin in addition to their regular TRX2® dose in order to avoid any vitamin shortages. The following vitamins and minerals have been shown to play a role in hair growth (look for them when choosing a multivitamin product):

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin B3
  • Vitamin B5
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Biotin
  • Copper
  • Silica / Silicious earth

When using TRX2 in combination with a multivitamin please make sure that your total daily intake does not exceed the daily recommended dose of an individual compound or vitamin (read more). Please note that at TRX2 we do not promote any specific ingredient, regimen or use, and you should always consult a doctor or healthcare professional if you are not sure about something or when using TRX2 in combination with prescription medicine or other treatment regimens.

According to the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database, L-carnitine, one of the major ingredients in TRX2® Molecular Hair Growth Supplement capsules, can increase the effects of anticoagulants, such as acenocoumarol and warfarin. Customers taking anticoagulants therefore should check with their healthcare professional before embarking upon a regimen that includes TRX2®. With regards to the other ingredients in TRX2® Molecular Hair Growth Supplement, the NMCD recommends that people taking anti-diabetes drugs, people consuming large quantities of alcohol and people who have frequent attacks of gout despite uricosuric therapy should consult their healthcare professional before starting TRX2® supplementation.

Of course, before taking any dietary supplement and prescription drug simultaneously, you should always consult with your doctor or healthcare professional.

TRX2 Supplements and Container

We do recommend storing TRX2 in a dry place and at slightly cooler temperatures, simply because this will reduce oxidation of the ingredients.

Also the product contains L-Carnitine-L-Tartrate, which may start melting if the temperature is too hot (but this would need to be much higher than 85 Fahrenheit/30 Celsius).

At TRX2 we recommend keeping your supplies in the glass container provided. There are several reasons for this: The glass bottle, which we provide, protects your supplies from oxidation as well as UV light radiation. Furthermore, the glass container has an originality seal – this way you can be absolutely sure of the high quality characteristics of the product. We cannot guarantee the noted expiration date, if supplies are not kept in the glass container.

Side effects

Most patients do not report shedding as a side effect when using our supplement. Still, in some instances shedding may occur if TRX2 is being used in conjunction with other treatments, such as minoxidil (Rogaine). If shedding does occur, you can expect your hair to re-grow during the normal course of treatment.

Mild shedding is common when starting many new hair loss treatments, although it is not usually reported with TRX2. Overall, shedding means that miniaturized hairs are starting a new cycle. If this was stimulated due to TRX2, you can expect the hairs (when they grow back and re-cycle) to become thicker and stronger.

Shedding can be a normal part of your hair cycle (many people report increased shedding during wintertime, springtime, etc.) and should not be permanent. If your shedding becomes worse, you should always contact your personal physician.

Based on our studies performed to date and based on the customer experiences we have gathered so far there shouldn’t be any extensive hair growth on body parts other than your head. The ingredients in TRX2 are suppose to act on a highly specific from of potassium ion channels (called SUR1) that are only supposed to be present in human head hair follicles, and therefore would weaken the argument that excessive hair growth occurs in body parts other than your head. Having said that, our long-term studies are still ongoing and the final words haven’t been said.

As indicated, all ingredients in TRX2 are of natural origin and produced at the highest standards of quality. The product should not contain any gluten and/or dairy fats. Also, please note that our company cannot advise you on any individual health related issues and therefore cannot take any responsibility for possible side effects when taking TRX2 supplementation. If there is any doubt, please consult your doctor and/or healthcare professional.

TRX2 Molecular Hair Growth Supplement contains only natural ingredients and therefore side effects and cross-interactions (e.g. with medications) are minimal.
A very small number of customers experience upset stomach but this can be avoided if you take TRX2 with your largest meal of the day.
Please, note, we can’t advise you in medical terms. We advise consumers to consult a doctor or healthcare professional before changing their diet (which would result from TRX2 supplementation), especially if they are on a special diet and/or take other medications (e.g. against hypertension, diabetes, etc.).

Common Questions

We don’t have any data on children. Also due to legal reasons we usually say that you should be an adult to use TRX2.

We recommend customers to consult with their personal doctor about whether TRX2 is suitable for their children.

Yes, our treatment will work on patients who have had hair transplants.

Hair transplantation is a surgical technique that involves moving individual hair follicles from one part of the body (the donor site) to bald or balding parts (the recipient site). Hair naturally grows in follicles that contain groupings of 1 to 4 hairs. Today’s most advanced techniques transplant these naturally occurring 1-4 hair “follicular units” in their natural groupings, thus achieving a natural appearance by mimicking nature hair for hair.

The hair grown from transplantation has the same process and nature as non transplanted hair.

TRX2 works by rejuvenating potassium ion channels within the follicles. For more information, please see

Yes, TRX2 is for both women and men. You should be able to expect your first positive results after around 5 months, depending on your metabolism and individual circumstances. Please refer to the following link for information on this:


We recognize that hair loss can be a very devastating condition for many patients, especially women. Those who invest their time and money into our products expect results, and we do not take this responsibility lightly.

Currently, one of the most common treatments for women with androgenetic alopecia is Women’s 2% Minoxidil. Although the use of Minoxidil is widespread, there are a lot of female patients who are left unsatisfied with the results they achieve. As a potassium-ion channel opener, TRX2 stimulates the same pathways as Minoxidil, and the two treatments often have a synergistic affect. Therefore, women with significant hair loss may want to consider using both products simultaneously.

Although we cannot guarantee that all of the hair will grow back, we are confident that TRX2 (even if it used without Minoxidil) will improve the current condition to a noticeable degree. Fighting hair loss requires a multi-faceted approach that stimulates the formation of new hair follicles, increases the diameter of existing follicles, and prolongs the anagen phase of hair shafts (reducing shedding and fallout).

By restoring the function of potassium-ion channels within hair follicles, TRX2 supplementation accomplishes many of these goals. Because our product uses natural ingredients and it does not rely on the elimination of androgens, it is effective in women and it is safe for long-term use.