Why Do We Have Less Hair During The Spring?

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A certain level of hair loss is a perfectly natural phenomenon observed in all human beings. Hair naturally grows and sheds in what is known as the hair cycle. Scientists have observed three distinct stages of the hair cycle: the Anagen Phase, the Catagen Phase, and the Telogen Phase. Understanding what is happening in each… Read more »


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At Oxford Biolabs, science is very important to us. In fact, it might even be as important as customer satisfaction. Perhaps, ultimately, this is because they are one and the same — the science that underpins everything we do at Oxford Biolabs ensures our products’ quality. As the Einstein quote above expresses, these ideas, no matter… Read more »

New Drug Gives Hope to Patients with Alopecia Areata

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Hair loss also called baldness is commonly known as alopecia. One type of hair loss, referred to as alopecia areata, is as a result of an autoimmune disorder, where the cells of the immune system attack the base of the hair follicle. This is whereby hair loss occurs in patches anywhere on the body usually… Read more »

Arthritis Drug Proves to Cure Hair Loss

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The ultimate solution for hair loss condition has been an elusive one: most treatments aim to prevent further hair loss but not cure it. Transplant has become the only option to grow full hair. But not anymore. A new treatment from Yale University has revolutionized the search for a hair loss cure. It has given… Read more »

Role of Hair in Sexual Communication

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Our hair can say a lot about us or at least how our hair looks like can make an impression on others about our personality or even social status. We can go back to distant centuries and historical events where hairstyles separated peasants from elites, to more recent times where we show our support or… Read more »

Own Your Baldness in 5 Steps

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You are in you 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and well… older but you still haven’t faced and accepted your condition, your hair is falling out and thinning. We know it’s not something everyone, especially men, look forward to nor is it an occasion to celebrate once it happens, but it doesn’t help if you just sulk… Read more »

The Latest Medical Treatments against Male and Female Pattern Baldness

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There being so many questions whether science is doing something for people who experience hair loss both male and female, it is important to note that different contenders have done their research to come up with different therapies to cure people with Androgenetic Alopecia. Histogen, Follica, Trichoscience, Aderans and Oxford BioLabs are the main companies… Read more »

Hair loss product ‘neogenic’ by L’Oreal

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The well- known cosmetic company L’oreal announced that in September 2012 they will be launching a new hair loss product that, according to them, will help awakening dormant hair follicles and enhance hair density. The news about this upcoming hair loss product has recenlty been disclosed by CosmeticsDesign-Europe.com. The new hair loss product will be… Read more »

Trx2 ACell Interview with Hair Transplant Expert Dr. Gary Hitzig *Exclusive, Part 3

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Step3: Sutures were removed during Acell hair transplant

Please note: This is a reprint of the interview that has taken place in March 2010 between Dr. Hitzig and TRX2. This is the third instalment and photos of our EXCLUSIVE interview with hair transplant expert Dr. Gary Hitzig regarding the ability of ACell’s ECM technology to be used during hair transplant procedures. Part 1 can be found here and part 2 here.

Risks Associated With Finasteride Treatment For Androgenetic Alopecia

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After conducting a substantial amount of research into this area, we highly recommend replacing finasteride with a safe and natural alternative. This suggestion comes after careful consideration of several important factors: 1)   In December 2008, the Swedish Medical Products Agency completed a safety investigation of Propecia. They concluded that the use of Propecia might result… Read more »